At Monkey Bizness, we are a part of birthday memories every week of the year. Throughout the years we have created memories for our wonderful guests who chose to share their special day with us. Starting February 1st until April 30th, 2017, we are running a special birthday campaign. Share your favorite birthday memory with us on our Facebook page and we will choose one winner for a free birthday party at Monkey Bizness. You can even post photos! We wanted to share some examples of fun memories from our own staff when they were young kids.

“My favorite birthday memory was when I was 7 years old, it was summertime and we had a backyard pool party. My mom set up all of these fun crafts for us to make, like a snake building station where she had sewn together snakes with fun fabric and we had to fill it up with beans, add eyes and color on it. Then at the end of my party, I got to sit on the trampoline and open all of my gifts while everyone stood around the trampoline. I felt so special and remember this party specifically very well.”   – Ashley M.

            “I remember being so sad one year when I was about 7 or 8, we were out of town for my birthday and I couldn’t have a big party with my friends. So my parents surprised me with a cool, family birthday at this medieval place where they joust and ride horses. We got to eat our big dinner with just our hands (no utensils) and they had the entire place sing happy birthday to me while I wore a big crown and robe like I was the king. It was so fun and unique, and I quickly forgot about not being able to be home with my friends.”    – Patrick L.

            “My mom was really creative with our birthday parties, and when I was 8 she put together a scavenger hunt through the mall. My girlfriends and I had a scavenger map of the mall and we had to figure out which stores we had to visit to collect our prize and hint for the next clue. At each store we had to take a picture to prove we had visited it too. One of them was Victoria’s Secret, and we had to put on these robes and slippers to take our picture. It was the most amazing birthday party and super silly and fun.”    – Allison G.