Indoor Playground for the Active Child

Active play is vitally important for kids of all ages. In an era where technology captivates most children, engaging them in active play can be a struggle. At Monkey Bizness, we provide an ideal setting that allows them to exercise by having fun. Our play areas feature inflatable bounce houses, slides, toddler and infant areas, jungle gyms, play structures, and more.

Open Play Rules

  • Open play is parent supervised.
  • All children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Children (and adults) must wear socks while on the play floor.
  • Snacks are available at the front desk.
  • If you would like to do an open play birthday party and bring in a cake, we will gladly rent you a private party room. ┬áContact your local location for pricing.
  • Please call in advance for open play birthday parties. No unscheduled parties will be allowed.

Check your local Monkey Bizness for open play hours on our indoor playground and birthday party details.



% of children Ages 5-10 do not get enough exercise


% of schools that don't require physical education classes at all


% of schools provide daily physical education classes during school year

Kids Aged 2 to 18 considered obese

Hours spent by kids at Monkey Bizness

Guided by our core values, we will provide a safe, clean, fun environment for families. We will enrich the lives of our guests, employees, and owners through creativity, fun, safety, and efficiency.

Mission Statement

Sources: The American Heart Association, Let’s Move – a survey conducted by the YMCA, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention
The most effective kind of education is that a child should play.