“Get off your brother. He is not a horse.”

“No, don’t put dirt in your hair.”

“Stop playing with *that*!”

“We HAVE to wear pants in public.”

“No hitting. Use gentle hands.”

“Please stop wrestling. How about a quiet activity?”

“Are we using our listening ears?”

“Okay, now that’s enough!.”

“We cant bring guns to church.”

“No, we can’t bring guns to the store either.”

“Boys, your pop tart is NOT a gun!”

“You’re hungry, AGAIN?”

Those are just a few of things I have said to my 3 and 2 year old sons just in the last week.

Being a momma is not for the faint of heart… but being a single girly girl BoyMom to toddlers takes some extra strength and little more grace.

Now don’t get me wrong I have my share of the sweet moments too. This morning while I was getting ready to head off to my job my 3 year old grabs my arm and asks if we can snuggle just a little bit longer in bed (yes, I Co-sleep. Don’t judge. They are going to come in and out of my bed in the middle of the night anyways… this way we all get a little more shut eye).

I mean, literally, can you get any sweeter? Then that sweet little cherub of love … FARTS… on me, and his little brother laughs hysterically.

Yup, I am a mom to total boys.

Even though I am raising strong young men I am also a complete girl. I am not a fan of dirt or camping. Wrestling makes my skin crawl. The only thing I like about sports is dressing up and the food. I literally WISH I could be a Disney Princess and I couldn’t care less about any of the Cars movies.

Boys are rough.

Boys are so loud.

And tough.

And energetic.

And seriously.. do they ever stop eating? (really… please, can someone give me some hope here?)

When I found out I was having not just one but TWO boys… I was truly not sure how I was going to be able to handle it.

Those two rambunctious little munchkins have stretched me in ways I never thought possible, physically and mentally. My oldest was over 10 pounds at birth. Talk about stretching! I have learned to embrace the dirt and the mud. I have become so brave and have killed countless spiders. I used to make their dad get them, but when you are the only adult in the house you realize quickly you need to find those big girl pants and kill that monster! I have learned that even when you tell boys they can’t bring their water guns with us in public they will just make a gun out of whatever they have with them, and if they are empty handed they will just use their hands.

I have so lovingly learned to embrace these boys for exactly what they are – COMPLETE BOYS, random farts and all. They don’t want to sit and watch many princess movies, nor do they want to do arts and crafts. They use the living room as their own personal jungle gym and prefer to just not wear clothes. These boys want to yell and run and jump and climb. They enjoy snuggling for a quick moment right before they rub spaghetti on their arms like lotion. They want to explore and find disgusting bugs and try to catch them. These are my boys. They are my world.

I will completely embrace this messy (very messy) life as a girly girl BoyMom.

Also, it totally helps me keep my peace when there is a place that I can grab coffee while the boys run and jump off their energy like Little Monkey Bizness.

xxoo, Monica


Monica is a Believer, BoyMom, and self -proclaimed romantic. She has a heart to inspire others to embrace the beauty of the life they are in and to also be inspired by those doing so. Monica has a personal blog and also co-writes for an encouraging Christian blog for moms named Arrows & Warriors. She enjoys finding quiet moments to go to coffee shops and spend quality time talking to her friends. Monica is California raised, loves frosted coffees from Chic-fil-a, the color pink, and currently lives in the Midwest with her two sweet little boys.