There are so many parents out there who aim to keep a health-conscious household. And honestly, we love that! We at Monkey Bizness, strive to keep families healthy and happy. So, we thought we would take a minute and explain; well, what is Active play?

Fun: Active play is fun! Any form of play, is for the child to explore their creative side. They can imagine they are a pirate, lost at sea or a butterfly flying from tree to tree. Parent’s can get involved in the fun, by helping your child imagine new things or create a dramatic plot twist!

Exercise: Since the CDC recommends children get at least 60 minutes of exercise, what better way than active play? Active play makes it so that children get the necessary exercise while encouraging them to be creative and learn along the way. Active play, typically engages several of the child’s senses. So, the more they explore, the more they learn!

Active play can be so many things, there are only a couple rules; get moving and have fun! We hope this encourages parents to promote active play within their homes and into their lifestyle. And as always, if you’re looking for a place to get moving, check out your local Monkey Bizness for the best way for active play!