We’ve all heard them before, and yet it still helps to know the basics of Halloween safety. Even the CDC has a fun safety guide. Here are the main tips you need to know before venturing out and about on Halloween:

Trick or Treating – Having your children walk around the neighborhood asking strangers for candy can be a scary prospect for parents, which is why most young kids under the age of 12 are chaperoned by a trusted adult. Never send a child out alone. It’s not safe, and it’s definitely not fun! Reflective tape on costumes or candy bags are also a good idea so that drivers see children more easily, and if possible, always walk on the sidewalk.

Safe Candy Inspection – At the end of your adventures, make sure that any candy your children might ingest is not a choking hazard. All candy should be factory-wrapped and not homemade, as you don’t know what it contains. Limit the amount of candy eaten by your little ones. Nothing is worse than a stomach ache the next day!

Stranger Danger – Tell your children to never accept a ride from anyone, nor enter any homes while Trick or Treating. You never know is walking around the neighborhood either, so make sure they stay near you and with your group at all times.

Costumes – Be sure to test any make-up in a small area first, and remove it before bedtime to prevent irritation. Wearing well-fitting masks, costumes and shoes will help to prevent blocked vision, trips and falls.

Don’t monkey around. This is a time to have fun, so dress up, grab your candy bag and STAY SAFE!