7 Reasons to Book a Party at Monkey Bizness

As a parent, some of the greatest joy you’ll have with your children is watching them enjoy themselves.  At Monkey Bizness, we are honored that so many parents let us be a part of their child’s birthday.  If you have never experienced a Monkey Bizness birthday party from a parent’s point of view, hopefully this article will help you better understand what to expect.

  1. Zero preparation.

One of the best things about having your birthday party at Monkey Bizness is that all we ask of the party parents is to show up 10-15 minutes early.  You read that correctly….outside of cake, the only prep you need for your child’s birthday party can be accomplished just 15 minutes prior to the beginning.  Once you arrive, we have carts to help you bring in your cake or any other supplies you may have brought with you.

  1. Any theme you like.

Some parents also enjoy decorating the party room for their kiddo’s big day.  Whether the theme is Star Wars, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse or something different, we have seen it all!  However, even if you don’t bring decorations and decide you want some balloons to “jazz” up the birthday party, we can arrange that right before your party begins.

  1. Personal party hosts.

As you walk into Monkey Bizness, you will be greeted by your personal party host.  This is your personal assistant and guide for your child’s birthday party.  Initially, they are going to ask you if you would like to order food, drinks or any other party supplies.  Our party parents love that this can be done right before the party begins, which can eliminate weeks of planning.

  1. Safety first.

From there, we will ask you and your guests to wait in our waiting rooms. Don’t worry….the wait is not long.   Before you go into the party room, your host will go through the rules with all of the guests to ensure they are safe and have fun.  From there, the doors open and the play room is all yours.  A private fun house is all yours for the next hour.  So, what do our party parents do then?  Sit back, relax and visit with their guests.  Your party host will monitor all kids to ensure that they are using the equipment safely.

If you do have decorations, 15 minutes prior to going into your party room, your party host will come and ask you to decorate.  If you need help, of course your party host is there for you.

  1. Have your cake and eat it too..

Now is time for cake and food.  With around 5 minutes remaining in your play room, your host will start to gather the guests and move them into the party room.  Once all settled into the party room, the festivities begin!  Your host will lead everyone in serenading the birthday kiddo.  Next they will hand out cake for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Relax, it’s all done!

As your party winds down, your host will help you gather presents in a bin to take out to your car.  Generally, parties hold off on opening presents during their time in the party room so there is more time to spend with friends.  The great thing about having a personal party host is that you have someone to coordinate with and spend your time in the party room however you like.  They truly are there to serve you.

One of the best parts of all of this…no clean up.  Imagine the feeling of arriving 15 minutes prior to the birthday party and then getting to leave and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing at home!

Monkey Bizness and Little Monkey Bizness store owners are mothers and fathers too.  We try to take every step to ensure the best day possible for you and your family.  We appreciate feedback and take it to heart.  We can’t wait to be a part of your kiddo’s next big day!

  1. Easy planning.

To book your next birthday party experience just click here to book online, or call your local store for assistance!