Every year we all go through the same routine of either making new year resolutions or mocking people who do. You all know we do one or the other. I have found that as I have gotten older and have a family now, I find myself not making new years resolutions anymore. My thought process being that I dont have time to make promises or goals for myself. While this is not a good way to view myself and my busy lifestyle, this also led me to think of a different way to make my new years resolutions this year. Why not focus on the family unit? Who says I can’t make resolutions that not only benefit my life, but the life of my entire family. So i got to thinking and came up with ideas like playing more games together, spending more time outside together, and simply going on more adventures as a family. Thinking of this list of things that we could improve on or learn to do together as a family throughout the year really got me excited for the year ahead. I shared the ideas with my boys and they too were excited about my ideas. They’ve already planned our first camping trip as a matter of fact.

Nothing beats spending time together as a family.

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