By: Ashley Myers


I have a math problem for you. Mom puts two socks in the dryer. Mom takes one sock out of the dryer. What happened to the other sock?…NO ONE KNOWS. This is the kind of paranormal activity that seems to happen in every single household – so much so that people have gone as far as making cute signs to hang on the laundry room wall to host lost, saddened socks missing their pairs. Our obsession with socks goes far beyond the mysteries of them getting lost in the black hole we call a dryer.

From birth to old age, each person has a special relationship with their socks. Over the years we acquire a close relationship with our socks, whether we realize it or not. As a baby, we are constantly playing with our socks and using our super human baby strength to rip them off and chew on them. As toddlers, we discover the art of putting socks on our hands and acting like a crab, running around pinching mommy. As a teen, we figure out that socks can be yet another way of showing off our fashion sense and personality. Between colorful socks, funny socks, toe socks, knee high socks and more, it is all about the statement you want to make.

As we flow into adulthood, socks become this mystical creature that always manages to disappear, run away and hide and leave us looking silly because we never have matching socks on. Then you become a parent, and you have this new found obsession with socks again. Finding tiny little socks that fit perfectly on your beautiful little baby’s feet and match perfectly to their outfit and color of their eyes. We never realize the role socks play in our lives until we find a new pair that we love – or lose one that we loved.

Since there is this ongoing issue of losing just one sock, here are some fun ideas for what to do with your now lonely, single sock.

  • You can make cute little sock animals.
  • Hot Rice sock for sore muscles, earaches and more.
  • Sock coffee sleeve.


And if you ever do find that other sock, pair it with another single and wear them at Monkey Bizness for a bit of fun! (Socks required. J)