As a mom of two very different boys, I fully understand the struggle of trying to keep my kids happy and healthy. My older son, who is 6, is a self-proclaimed couch potato. He likes to play with his friends and run around, but if he had it his way, he would sit on the couch all day and just hang out. On the flip side, my younger son who is 4, is extremely active and literally can’t sit still. Since he started walking at 9 months old, he’s been jumping off things, climbing walls, doing laps in the house, and never stops talking to add to it all, lol.

Sports arent always the answer. I assumed that my younger was so active that he needed to get into sports. Well, I quickly learned that standing out on a field waiting for a ball to come his way was not what his body needed. Soccer was okay, but he just didnt enjoy it. We explored a little more and learned that he just needed to MOVE. So now we have a cornucopia of activites that he enjoys throughout his week that help keep him active, healthy, and balanced. For him, these activites are Monkey Bizness, swimming, and gymnastics.

Again, with my older son, the traditional of route of sports was the answer again. He wasn’t much of a team plyer, and they all demanded too much of him, physical activity and coordination wise. So his activity diet consists of tennis, Monkey Bizness so that he can play at his own pace but stay moving and not be caught in front of games, and yoga.

There are many many ways to keep kids active, and play can be one of the simplest ways. Take a look at the attache article for tips and tricks on helping to keep your kids active.

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