by Kim Shepheard

As parents, we all play crucial roles in our children’s lives; caregiver, teacher, disciplinarian, referee, nurse, housekeeper, and cook. Among those many roles, here are a few that we strive to be remembered as in the eyes of our kids. At Monkey Bizness, we believe these are the most important roles we play.

Coach – Encouraging our children to climb higher, run farther, swim faster and play harder. I sometimes hear my daughter saying “I can’t”, but rarely let it affect me. All this means is that she only has to try a teeny bit harder and she’s there. I find myself saying, “Yes you can!” and inevitably she does. We would never encourage our kids to do something we knew was beyond their capabilities, and I think they know that instinctively.

Fan – Whatever they create or accomplish, big or small, is deserving of our hands clapping and cheering them on. Even at the tender age of 2 ½, Miss Thing yells out, “Watch me, Mommy!” and my heart melts. It’s one of those feelings that is a bonus after the all the years you dream of what it will be like to be a mom.

Hero – When I save her from falling off a 4-ft wall onto rocks. When I let her dig in the garden or water the trees or feed the dogs. When I unexpectedly honor a request that is out of the ordinary, like chocolate for breakfast. This is the stuff of legends.

Playmate – We have one child, and are lucky to have a happy, creative daughter whose mind is active – all the time! We are also lucky enough to dedicate our weeknights and weekends to entertaining her and including her in all that we do in and outside the house. She loves helping us as much as we love taking a break and pretending we are riding the train at the zoo, packing for a  trip, cooking meals with rocks, grass, and mulch at the playground and running around Little Monkey Bizness. She loves spending time with us, and we hope that continues for a long time!

Friend – She loves telling us about her day and her “other” friends at school. Sometimes we hang out in front of the house eating ice fruit pops and watching the neighborhood like I did with friends growing up in the city. Wherever she goes, she beckons to us, saying, “Come on! Come on!” Being a parent when I need to, and a friend when I don’t, establishes trust and a bond that could last a lifetime.

You can “Be it All” with your kids at Monkey Bizness – year round, all day. Let us help you bond with your kids for years to come. Grow with us!