At Monkey Bizness, we know that by keeping kids active, we’re helping to keep them happy in so many ways. We reached out to a local Gymnastics studio and asked their opinion on staying active and how it helps their kiddos to focus on their task at hand.

How do kids stay active in your business?

In gymnastics, the kids stay active by running, jumping and tumbling all around the gym! We have trampolines, bars and beams for them to practice their new skills on during each practice.

In your opinion, how does staying active affect your kiddos in your programs?

Regular exercise and structured activity promotes, and instills, a healthy lifestyle at a young age.  The children often leave class feeling accomplished and proud of themselves for working hard.  Parents often say their aspiring gymnasts sleep “much better” at night in addition to drinking more water!

Do your kids work in group settings, if so how do you think that benefits them?

The 8:1 ratio in our classes gives the children an opportunity to work together in a group setting. The young athletes learn the importance of encouraging each other, and being patient with one another, throughout the hour-long classes. Great friendships are made over the course of time and those who have quieter personalities are gently pulled out of th

eir shell.


Staying active as a kid, and adult, can help with so many things; sleep, memory, appetite, heart, bones, and much more. There are many ways of staying active and having fun while doing so. What do you and your family enjoy doing?


We would like to say a special thank you to Momentum Athletic Center in Parker, CO for chatting with us about their facility, what they do, and how they offer a fun and healthy activity for kids in their community.