There is no better time spent playing with kids– and Monkey Bizness intends to bring your family closer by encouraging families to bond over active play. Active play involves so much imagination, it takes you from being a pirate to a mermaid or even a jungle explorer. And it’s very easy to imagine being a jungle explorer in our active play setting. So, we’ve decided to take that concept and bring it to life with our new game: Super Safari. Super Safari combines educational learning and active play. Your child will collect their exploration worksheet from the front desk and the fun will begin. The children set out to find animals based off of clues given from a short video. Young explorers will then find their way to the next animal and will be given another clue. Each clue spells out a word that will solve the riddle, and once our little safari explorers find all the animals they can collect a prize. Our Super Safari explorers will be transported to another environment while they put their imagination and their thinking caps to the test. Parents can join in on the fun too and help their little one navigate through this adventurous quest. An adventure awaits, Let’s go explore!

The adventure begins on November 1st