Fill your party with extra fun, and play some of these, classic, party games with the kids. Get them moving and having fun this summer. I know you’ll remember playing all of these games as a kid yourself.

  1. Musical Chairs

You know how this one goes. Put the chairs in a circle, 1 less chair for the amount of kids, turn on some fun music, have the kids circle the chairs and when the music stops, they must run to a chair and whomever is left standing is out. Remove a chair and restart the process. It’s easy, fun, and exhilarating.

2. Pin the Tale on the Donkey

I always loved this one because you can theme to your party. Pin the fin on the shark, pin the the tail in the dinosaur, pin the fin on the mermaid, and so on.

3. Pinata

Who doesn’t love the idea of hitting something with a stick while blind folded to get CANDY! This one is fun because you can theme it to your party as well. Mermaid pinata, dinosaur pinata, Paw patrol and so many more options. Don’t forget to blindfold the kids.


4.  Scavenger Hunt

Get creative with this one. You can provide hats, binoculars and maps. Customize the map to send the kids on a fun hunt around the party.



5. Duck Duck…GOOSE

This is another classic one that I know we all remember playing when we were kids. The anticipation on everyone’s face either hoping to get picked or not to get picked from the circle. Trying to run around and beat the player before they take your spot. CLASSIC