Venues that specifically cater to groups for events, trainings or classes can be elusive.  Finding everything you need for your event all in one place can be hard to find.  Last year, Monkey Bizness Franchising held our annual conference at a hotel which provided food options, different furniture configurations, as well as audio/visual capabilities.  The down side was that our event for just 12 people cost over $1,000.  This can be hard to swallow for many groups.

At Monkey Bizness, we not only host hundreds of birthday parties a year, but we also cater to groups of all different sizes.  Whether they are family reunions, daycares, classes, sports teams or entrepreneurs renting out our spaces for all sort of things, we have seen it all.  Based on the conversations we have had with customers, here are a few things to consider when looking for your next space to rent for your group.

  1. What am I required to buy from the venue?

A lot of venues will talk about the conveniences of providing all of the food and beverages.  While this may be convenient, it is also required and expensive.  Many venues’ rental rates are fairly reasonable, but where they really make their money is from these required add-ons.  If you are on a budget, or just looking to cut your costs, look for a venue that lets you bring in your own food and beverages.

  1. How much is that projector?

Last year at the Monkey Bizness annual conference, we rented a screen and projector from the hotel.  It was a last-minute add-on that we didn’t have time to debate.  That last-minute necessity cost us over $500!   Many venues are happy to provide supplies or equipment. However, the costs are often outrageous.  As you tour a facility to find out if it is right for your group, the sales representative will undoubtedly tell you about the wide range of equipment and services that are provided.  Be sure to inquire about the cost of these add-ons, or you may be in for a big surprise when your final bill arrives!

  1. I am so glad you brought the kids! (What are they going to do?)

One of the reasons people love hosting events at places like Monkey Bizness is there is something for everyone to stay busy.  The kids can play and the parents can work or socialize.  We even have local businesses that hold classes in our facilities where parents can drop their kids off to play while enjoying the class.  Now, not all events will include the kids, but if yours will, think about how the facilities you are looking at cater to them.

  1. What do you mean I can’t do that?

Every venue has rules, but some have a lot of rules.  If you have specific decorating ideas or a schedule you want to follow, make sure you bring that up ahead of time.  Often venues have set packages that they try to fit all events into.  That may work for you…or it may not.  It is best to know that before putting down your deposit.

Monkey Bizness offers large rooms for all sorts of events.  We have hosted everything short of a wedding (although we’ve had some inquiries), and we can be flexible with your requirements.  We offer reasonable rates and flexible packages to custom fit your needs.  Call today to learn more.  Whether you choose Monkey Bizness or another venue, best of luck with your event!!