All moms ponder what to do for their child’s birthday every year. Should we have an at-home party or a hosted one? If you add up the costs, it almost always results in a hosted party being easier, less expensive, and just as much fun!

  1. Time = planning. Add up the time it takes to plan a party at home. You will likely have a theme, invitations, decorations, and a cake. Not to mention refreshments for the parents. Where will everyone park their cars? Do you have enough to entertain the kids so they don’t hang from the curtains or accidentally knock over your wedding bowl from Aunt Clara? I prefer to change venue location when I think about stuff like that.
  2. Labor = execution. Even a labor of love can be considered work. You need to choose – with or without help from your little one – and buy all of the above. At home, you will make a guest list and send invitations, clean your entire house (only to clean it again after everyone leaves), decorate and possibly bake a cake. Don’t forget about the hidden labor of answering the door 20+ times, controlling the dogs and making a coffee for each of the parents. Do you want to spend your time playing barista, or watching little Jordan blow out the candles on his cake?
  3. Costs = budget. Whatever you think is reasonable for a child’s birthday party, it is almost always less expensive to have the party elsewhere. Many parents don’t consider the total cost of a home party since the costs are spread out over a period of time. When you do, you will likely find that the costs are the same or less, but also leaving you time to do other things, like enjoying parenthood!
  4. Fun = priceless. Last, but not least, there is the fun factor. Your child will have fun with other children no matter what they are doing. However, you probably don’t have a giant slide in your living room or a rock wall outside your home. Your house, though beautiful, just can’t compete with that. Try something different than the living room. The time and energy you’ll save by having your party at a place like Monkey Bizness or Little Monkey Bizness will be considered priceless, and the memories you create will last a lifetime.

Melissa Engel of Aurora, Colorado has taken both her children to three of the locations in Colorado over the years. They have also celebrated their birthdays several times at both the Parker and the Centennial locations. When asked what she thinks of having hosted birthday parties she said, “I love it! All the kids can go crazy and have fun, and I get leave all the trash there.” For busy mom Melissa it is an easy decision.

By the time your child is old enough to make requests for themes, cakes, costumes or even special guests like Olaf or Merida, you will have had several successfully planned and executed parties for the same amount of money – or less – and you can go home to a clean house!

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