With the holiday season approaching things can get sort of hectic. Add a road trip or a plane ride and hectic is an understatement. The holiday season is all about loving one another and being thankful for what we have and who we have to share it with. So, in the spirit of giving, we have these tips on 3 ways to travel with kids during the holidays.

1: Be prepared – Every parent thinks they are prepared until they realize they aren’t. You should, of course, make a list of your most useful and necessary items but also take into account what your child needs to make them feel more comfortable. Maybe their special blanket or a toy that they can’t leave home without. Bringing a few extra changes of clothes and other items that might be needed are always a good idea.

2: Keep it Fun – Children are anxious by nature, so keeping them well informed in the process is great to ease their minds. It is also a great idea to plan little games or activities to keep them busy. Whether you are taking a plane or car, try organizing a busy book or having fun games you can play along the way. It also helps to have their favorite movies to keep them entertained.

3: Keep them Fed – Traveling anywhere is no fun if your hangry. And planes are usually stocked with items that can easily cause a sugar rush or not be appealing to some children. We recommend packing snacks and even lunch depending on your journey. Snacks should be a mix of their favorites and healthy items like fruits, nuts or vegetables to ensure that they don’t get overly hyper.

As an added bonus you can also stock up on holiday music to get the kids excited for the season. With these tips you are bound to have a happy and healthy holiday! From our family to yours – Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!