by Danica Sombolinggi

It’s fall, and you know what that means!! It’s basically Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And as soon as the leaves change, so does our spirit. In our family, fall is the time where we can finally relax, and by relax, I mean we can turn off our air conditioner and enjoy the relaxed weather (and the “relaxed” electricity bill). Fall is truly a magical season, we venture out for more active playtime and family time ideas that don’t always involve being outdoors, and; if you’re from Colorado you’re aware of how fluctuating the weather can be.  Every year, this time, I find myself looking for more ways to be more welcoming of the season. For the kids, they’ve never understood my husband and my obsession with fall, and we wanted to show them why we believe this is such an admirable time—and what better way than with books. We are a family of readers and we love motivating the kids to pick up a good book and get lost in the words. We have found a company called Usborne and we have fallen in love with their books. Their books spark imagination, creativity, leaning – we could go on but we encourage you to look for yourself. With that being said, I have taken the time to gather a few books for a few age ranges that are perfect for fall. Here are our findings:

Story-time Listeners Ages: 1+

That’s not my Monster by Fiona Watt

This delightful series of board books is aimed at the very young child. The bright pictures, with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the touchy-feely patches.






Beginning Readers Ages: 4+

Secrets of an Apple Tree by Carron Brown

Who lives around the apple tree? Shine a light behind the page and see …Explore a tree up close and you will find

a small world filled with great surprises! From worms wriggling among the roots, to birds nesting high in the branches, the hidden wonders of this amazing habitat are revealed when the page is held up to a light.


A Tale of Two Beasts by Fiona Roberton

When a little girl rescues a strange beast from the woods, she takes him home. But for some reason, the little beast is not happy! There are two sides to every story, and this funny and charming tale is no exception. Author/illustrator Fiona Roberton offers both points of view in this discussion-starting tale of the importance of seeing the world in different ways


Active Readers Ages: 8+

Illustrated Ghost Stories by Lesley Sims

These thirteen spine-tingling tales are sure to give you goosebumps! From spirits out for mischief to ghosts righting wrongs, these stories will set your heart racing. Just don’t read them after dark!



These books are perfect bedtime stories, family bonding stories and after play-time stories for you and your little one to enjoy. Do you have a book not on the list? Comment below and let us know your favorite!