Every year on March 2nd, we celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. On this day or at least the closest weekday to it, schools, classrooms, libraries and more celebrate Read Across America Day in honor of this unique mans birthday. His playful worlds have touched so many generations and have been a staple in most households growing up. At Monkey Bizness, we celebrate while having fun in a way suiting for his worlds.

When I think of Dr. Seuss, I see the Grinch humbugging Christmas, a blue fish, a red fish, one fish, two fish swimming on by and many, many more characters. But, there is so much more to Dr Seuss’ pretty pictures that we know. His methodology behind the words he uses and how he uses them has a lasting effect on us. You can read more on this wonderful blog about Dr Seuss and why it is so good for our children’s development