At Monkey Bizness, our focus is on helping facilitate happy and healthy families. We know that by keeping kids active, we’re not only keeping healthy, but helping to keep them happy, in so many way. We love to partner with local businesses that have a similar mindset as us, to help facilitate and give new ideas to families who are visiting us and might want to try something more. So, we reached out to a local Taekwondo studio and asked their opinion on staying active and how it helps their kiddos to focus on their task at hand.

How do kids stay active in your business?

-Taekwondo classes are a great after school activity as it gives kids a safe and structured opportunity to express themselves physically. Children practice balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and self-control in each class.

In your opinion, how does staying active affect your kiddos in you programs?

-After staying focused and still at school all day, it is important for kids to have time to get their wiggles out and get moving. It’s important for mental as well as physical development to get moving. In a time where more and more kids succumb to sedentary lifestyles, finding activities that encourage exercise is perhaps more important than ever. We find that often children that are medicated for ADHD don’t have any trouble staying focused at Taekwondo, and their hyperactive symptoms at home start to fade as they find acceptable ways to channel their energy and busy minds as they do in our classes.

Do your kids work in group settings, if so how do you think that benefits them?

-Yes! Even though martial arts is an individual sport, we often put kids in group settings where they have to work together to accomplish common goals. We encourage social maturity in as many ways as possible. When we have new students, we make sure our current students shake their hand, introduce themselves, and make them feel welcome. During group activities, we monitor their interactions and encourage manners, “please” and “thank yous”, and giving everyone an opportunity to participate and contribute ideas. These basic tasks are so important for children to learn how to interact respectfully with not only their peers, but their elders as well.

Staying active as a kid, and adult, can help with so many things; sleep, memory, appetite, heart, bones, and much more.

We would like to say a special thank you to Kim and Cam’s Taekwondo studio in Parker, CO for chatting with us and sharing the benefits of martial arts.