We all have holiday memories from our childhood. Hopefully, most of them are happy ones! Here are some memories you might like to share with your own children.

  1. One LMB fan on Facebook mentioned “driving around and looking at Christmas lights.” Yes, this is a family favorite. Of course you pass lit-up homes in the evenings while you are out and about, but actually driving around with the sole purpose of checking out other people’s houses and seeing how they’ve decorated is a fun thing to do with your little ones. Mine loves it. Hearing “Ooohhh, lights!” never gets old.
  2. Giving to charity. Every year my family chooses a cause or adopts a child or family or collects toys for a toy drive. Knowing how fortunate we are to exchange gifts at Christmas always reminds us that not everyone has that ability. The thought of any child not having something to open during this season…well, making someone else happy who we don’t know gives us all the feels.
  3. Leaving cookies out for Santa. When we would wake up in the morning, our notes and Christmas lists were gone, bites were taken out of the cookies, and milk disappeared. We had truly felt like Santa had been there – apart from the obvious gifts under the tree!
  4. Photos with Santa! One thing that just kind of happened the day after Thanksgiving one year was finding the nearest venue where Santa was waiting for us, and we took photos with him! Better than a Black Friday sale, we dress in our newest holiday casuals and snap some shots for memories that will last a lifetime!