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Two great classes to chose from!

Monkey Island

Can you get off the island?

Our original class, designed for kids ages 5-8 years old.  Imagine being stuck on an island with a group of fellow scientists. You will have to figure out how to survive by learning how to build a habitat, get food, and eventually, build a ship to get off the island.  The class teaches kids about different animals, the engineering behind structures, how to build and read a map and many other great skills.  Best of all it can help prepare your young one for a classroom environment or keep your child in “school-shape”.  You can learn more about each day at the links below:

Class Dates

  • June 24 – June 28, 1-4pm  – Colorado Springs
  • July 15 – July 19, 1-4pm – Colorado Springs

Jungle Tales

Help your favorite storybook characters

The sky is falling!  Can you build a structure to protect yourself? A big, bad lion is loose! Can you help build a tower to keep the three little monkeys safe?

Jump into a world with some of your favorite story characters.  Children will take a journey through different fairy tales that have been transformed with jungle characters.  Each day will be focused on a new adventure!  Your child will learn about STEM while solving problems from our Jungle Tales stories. They will imagine possible designs to fix the problems our characters are facing, make a plan, create structures, and then test and improve their designs. This is a great opportunity to have fun while learning STEM! This class has been designed specifically for kids ages 4-6 years old.

Class Date

  • June 24 – June 28, 9:00 am – Noon – Colorado Springs
  • July 15 – July 19, 9:00 am – Noon – Colorado Springs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is STEM? 

Stem stands for S-Science, T-Technology, E-Engineering, M-Math.  Our classes are designed by educators who specialize in STEM-based education.  We have taken the STEM process and principles and made them both fun and educational for kids ages 4-8 years old.

What makes these classes unique?

All of our classes are both designed and taught by professional educators.  Because Monkey Bizness locations have such incredible and unique indoor facilities, we are able to use them to provide a fun, educational rich opportunity for kids to learn.   For instance, our giant slide turns into Monkey Mountain, where kids learn to build and design maps.

What does a typical day/class look like?

Each class is 2 hours and 45 minutes long and is broken into three 45 minute sessions. Between these sessions, kids get to play in Monkey Bizness! We have specifically designed these classes this way so we can make sure we aren’t asking too much of their still-developing attention spans.  We provide a snack during each class and have water available to them during the entire day.  All play sessions are supervised by our employees.  We will provide you with a written update after each class so you know exactly what your child did that day.

What is the cost of the class?

All classes are $189 per child.